Coco A + B - 20L - House & Garden
Coco A + B - 20L - House & Garden

Coco A + B - 20L - House & Garden

House and Garden fertilizers and additives used by the world's best growers!

Coco A + B - 20L - House & Garden
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Product details

Handcrafted high quality fertilizers.

House and Garden manufactures high quality handcrafted fertilizers, recognized by growers around the world. The composition of this fertilizer guarantees you blooming plants thanks to its composition of an exceptional purity.

It is important to choose your fertilizers and additives carefully. Indeed, they are essential for the good health of your plants, they will also ensure their taste and scent.

House and Garden fertilizers from the USA are easy to use and are used by professionals and amateurs alike. Get an extraordinary quality, in greenhouse, indoor or outdoor.

Coco A + B allows you to obtain an ideal development of the vegetative and floral phase, a nutritive balance for the harvest, a perfectly balanced pH/EC and nutrients fully assimilated by the plants

You'll also get nutrients specific to coir growing, easy-to-use fertilization, and reduced potassium for a perfect balance with the coir substrate


- Capacity: 20L
- Check pH/EC well before use
- Do not exceed the prescribed dosage

Coco A:

Mother solution to dilute with major and secondary elements.

- Total nitrogen (N) 4,8%
- Of which nitric nitrogen 4,3%
- Potassium oxide (K2O) 3,2% water soluble

Coco B:

Dilutable stock solution of major and secondary elements and trace elements.

- Total nitrogen (N) 1,5%
- Of which nitric nitrogen 1,4%
- Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 3% soluble in water
- Potassium oxide (K2O) 6% soluble in water


- 0.15 to 0.5% or 1.5 to 5ml/L of water
- Use during the growing and flowering period

To know :

Coco A and B must have the same dosage for all the phases of culture and be used together.
You risk deficiencies and a bad assimilation of nutrients by the plants if you do not respect the same dosage of Coco A and B during the culture.

Never put Coco A and B in the mixture at the same time. First put Coco A, make a first mixture with water, and then put Coco B, and make a mixture of the whole.

In case of correction of water used with mineral acids or alkalizing products, use only the products named and specified in the standards NF U 42-005:1994 and NF U 42-006:1994 made mandatory.

Product may present a risk of crystal formation at low temperature: do not store below 5°C, keep the container closed.


Keep this product out of reach of children. It is recommended to wear protective clothing and gloves as well as eye and face protection. May cause skin irritation.


Name Coco A + B - 20L - House & Garden
Brand House & Garden
Type of fertilizer Mineral
Application Coco, Earth
Packaging 20 L
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