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Fleur CBD - 100g - Lemon Skunk - Indoor
Fleur CBD - 100g - Lemon Skunk - Indoor

Fleur CBD - 100g - Lemon Skunk - Indoor

The flower of CBD Lemon Skunk, a superior quality product with a high level of CBD 13.62%, this flower is distinguished by its soothing properties and lemony aroma.

(€4,301.30 K)
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Fleur CBD - 100g - Lemon Skunk - Indoor
(€4,301.30 K)
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Product details

Discover the Fleur de CBD Lemon Skunk, an exquisite botanical elixir, 13.62% alcohol CBD and with a THC level of less than 0.3%, is legal hemp in France!

immerse yourself in a unique aromatic experience, and depending on the genetics of the flower, you may experience different aromas, effects and tastes. Discover a wide range of CBDor resins from CBDon our Growshops.co.uk website.

In our various varieties of CBD natural terpene-based flowers, you'll find peppery, earthy, woody, spicy, even fruity notes and much more. The flower CBD Lemon Skunk is predominantly Sativa, for a brain-boosting high.

Most CBD flowers in our online catalog come from natural plantations. The cultivation of CBD flowers are grown in compliance with European regulations, i.e. with less than 0.3% of CBD.

Aromas and texture: an explosion of lemony flavours

The flower of CBD Lemon Skunk flower is renowned for its intense, distinctive aromas. From the moment you first encounter it, you'll be captivated by its tart, fruity flavor, marked by notes of citrus and lemon. These invigorating aromas are combined with a dense, resinous texture, testifying to the product's high quality.

Lovers of CBD will appreciate the complexity and depth of these flavors, which provide a unique and refreshing sensory experience. Each inhalation reveals a new layer of aromatic nuances, making each use as pleasurable as the last.

The benefits of CBD soothing and relaxing

The CBD is recognized for its many wellness benefits. With a 13.62% CBDlemon Skunk offers soothing, relaxing properties that can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.

Unlike products containing THC CBD has no psychoactive effects, so you can enjoy it with complete peace of mind. Whether you're looking to improve sleep, relieve tension or simply find a moment of relaxation, Lemon Skunk can be a great addition to your wellness routine.

Storage instructions :

Store in a cool place between 15°C and 20°C, in an airtight box.
Maintain a humidity level of 58% to 62%.
Protect from light.

Find products associated with our range of flowers from CBD flowers, TighVac's different types of preservation in sachets or airtight boxes.

To maintain the humidity of flowers, hash or resins, we recommend the use of TighVac brand bags Boveda brand bags for moisture absorption.

Technical details of hash flower CBD :

THC content: less than 0.3%
Content of CBD : 13,62 %
CBG content: 0.07
CBC content: 0.24

Packaging: 100g

Prohibited for minors under 18 and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Order your CBD and discover all the benefits they have to offer. Feel free to browse our Growshops.co.uk website to discover our full range of products CBD products.


Name Fleur CBD - 100g - Lemon Skunk - Indoor
Brand Platinium CBD
Product type CBD Flowers from CBD
Rate of CBD in 13,62
Tri des déchets