Resin from CBD - 15g - Beldia
Resin from CBD - 15g - Beldia

Resin from CBD - 15g - Beldia

Discover the resin - hash from CBD Beldia hash resin from European extraction.

(€5,700.00 K)
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Resin from CBD - 15g - Beldia
(€5,700.00 K)
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Product details

Our resin from CBD Hash Beldia resin, with a THC content of less than 0.3%, is legal hemp in France.

Explore our complete selection of hemp resin products CBD resins and CBD products on our e-commerce site,

Depending on the genetics of the flower, aromas, flavors and effects can vary considerably. Our range of CBD resins include a variety rich in natural terpenes, with notes of pepper, earth, wood, spice and even fruit, to suit all tastes.

Most of our CBD resins for sale on our site are extracted from natural crops in compliance with European regulations, with a level of CBD content of less than 0.3%.

Resin Aroma & Texture CBD Hash Beldia resin:

The resin of CBD Hash Beldia resin, a product of exceptional quality that will delight lovers of unique sensations. This resin is distinguished by its distinctive appearance, with a brown color reminiscent of sand. In terms of texture CBD Hash Beldia resin is frothy and creamy, offering a pleasant tactile experience when handled.

But what really makes this resin special are its original, spicy flavors. Each puff reveals a unique blend of aromas that will stimulate your taste buds. The spice blends harmoniously with other notes, creating a rich and captivating taste experience.

The resin of CBD Hash Beldia resin is an ideal choice for those seeking an extraordinary aromatic experience. Let yourself be seduced by this superior quality resin and explore a world of flavors that will awaken your senses.

Benefits of CBD Hash Beldia :

Hash Resin CBD Hash Beldia resin is a natural product with multiple therapeutic benefits. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce muscular pain and inflammation.

What's more, the CBD content of the resin promotes muscle relaxation, making it an ideal ally in the fight against stress and anxiety. Finally CBD Hash Beldia is also known to help you fall asleep, improving the quality and quantity of your sleep.

This resin is therefore an ideal option for those seeking a natural solution to relieve pain and sleep disorders, while promoting muscle relaxation and stress reduction.

Storage instructions for CBD Beldia resin:

Store in a cool place between 15°C and 20°C, in an airtight box.
Keep humidity between 58% and 62%.
Protect from light.

In our selection of related products, you'll find airtight sachets or tins for optimal storage of our flowers and resins CBD quality flowers and resins. To maintain humidity, use the following sachets Boveda sachets.

Technical details of CBD Hash Beldia resin:

THC content: less than 0.3%
THC content: less than 0.3 CBD cBG content: 11.84%
CBG content: 11.30%
CBN content: 20.67%
Packaging: 15 g

Prohibited for minors under 18 and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Order your CBD Hash Beldia resins and discover all the benefits they have to offer. Feel free to browse our website to discover our full range of products CBD products.


Name Resin from CBD - 15g - Beldia
Brand Platinium CBD
Product type CBD Resin from CBD
Rate of CBD in 11,84
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