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TrikoLogic Beneficial Bacteria - 25G - Terra Aquatica GHE
TrikoLogic Beneficial Bacteria - 25G - Terra Aquatica GHE

TrikoLogic Beneficial Bacteria - 25G - Terra Aquatica GHE

Decomposes organic matter on its own.

(€400.00 K)
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TrikoLogic Beneficial Bacteria - 25G - Terra Aquatica GHE
(€400.00 K)
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Product details

Terra Aquatica GHE Trikologic Fertilizer Powder - 25g

Fertilizer for use in organic agriculture, based on spores of the natural fungus Trichoderma harzianum, containing no hazardous substances or traces of GMOs.

This fertilizer will constitute a protective shield around the roots, which increases the tolerance of plants to different types of stresses such as extreme temperatures, humidity, lack of nutrition...

Trikologic, belongs to the BioSevia line of organic fertilizers, manufactured by Terra Aquatica GHE. All the fertilizers of this family are bioponic, which means that they are perfectly soluble, and should degrade and be eliminated quickly.
If you use BioSevia of Terra Aquatica GHE. in hydroponics, it is necessary to use BM, a specific mixture of microorganisms that improve the performance of culture, because they reproduce the natural process of decomposition that takes place in the soil.

How to use the bacteria?
In water, their living conditions are not very comfortable because they don't have around them the buffering capacity of the soil to protect them from sudden changes in temperature or pH.
They also need to "settle" and cannot survive and multiply simply by flowing. They need a highly oxygenated environment and must remain moist. Dry, they die.

There are 2 possibilities:
- You use a wet substrate such as coconut fibre, rock wool or perlite.
In this case, you can seed the substrate directly with the microorganisms. Simply sprinkle BM on your substrate.
- You cultivate in bare roots or on a very draining substrate like expanded clay ball or pozzolan.
In this case, you must use the BioFilter. It will provide your micro-organisms with a place where they can reproduce.

Application and Dosage:
Trikologic is to be used preventively.
Powder on the soil or mix it with the substrate and water.
Repeat the operation once a month to increase the efficiency of the product.
Young flower and vegetable plants:
Add 0.1 to 0.2 % to the nutritive solution once a month for a cation at root level.
Fertirrigation :
Add 1 kg of BM to Ha in the irrigation system and repeat once a month.
Transplantation :
Mix 40 g of BM to 10L of water and dip the bare roots in it.
Cuttings :
Mix 50 g of BM to 1L of water and dip the cuttings in


Name TrikoLogic Beneficial Bacteria - 25G - Terra Aquatica GHE
Brand Terra Aquatica GHE
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Application Coco, Earth
Country of manufacture FRANCE
Tri des déchets


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