Humic Fulvic Booster - 500ml - Growth and flowering booster Platinium Nutrients
Humic Fulvic Booster - 500ml - Growth and flowering booster Platinium Nutrients

Humic Fulvic Booster - 500ml - Growth and flowering booster Platinium Nutrients

Discover Humic Fulvic from Platiniuma crop booster that improves soil, roots and yields for superior harvests

(€39.80 L)
Humic Fulvic Booster - 500ml - Growth and flowering booster Platinium Nutrients
(€39.80 L)
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Product details

Humic Fulvic 500ml, the growth and flowering booster you need!

PlatiniumHumic Fulvic Integral becomes Humic Fulvic Booster, but remains the most concentrated product on the market without comparison.

Fertilizer based onhumic and fulvic acids derived from leonardite.

Humifirst AMM n°1030005

This product is a liquid solution of natural humic and fulvic acids that improves the soil's physical, chemical and biological conditions and promotes crop development.

Humic Fulvic enables the formation and development of a high-performance root system (root hairs), capable of making better use of soil resources (fertilizers, water, etc.), thus allowing better management of available resources and inputs (fertilizers, water, etc.) for crops. It reduces blocking factors and antagonisms between different nutrients.

Ideal for use in drip irrigation systems, for example, as it has been designed to avoid the risk of clogging.

Advantages of Humic Fulvic de Platinium :

- Improves crop yield and quality
- More roots for faster start-up
- Good absorption and assimilation of nutrients by plants
- Better soil structure for greater water retention
- Bio-availability of nutrients
- Reduced rinsing at the end of the cycle

Use of Humic Fulvic de Platinium :

- Watering: 1 to 3 mL/L, saturation at 5 mL/L
- Spraying: 1 to 4 mL/L, once a week

Period of use of Humic Fulvic de Platinium :

Sowing, planting, transplanting and growing up to the appearance of the first buds (spraying and irrigation).
During flowering, this product is effective up to the fourth week of flowering for a better harvest (irrigation only).

Guaranteed contents of Humic Fulvic de Platinium :

Dry matter: 25%
Organic matter: 15 to 20%
Humic acids carbon: 6 to 9%
Fulvic acids carbon: 1.5 to 2.5%
pH: 13

A fertilizer approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture

Humic Fulvic Booster is now approved for all crops, including vines, arboriculture, market gardening, straw cereals and intensive crops.

Tradecorp'sHumic Fulvic Booster (AMM Humifirst N°1030005) also acts on the plant itself, stimulating enzymatic systems and metabolic processes: increased resistance to stress and development of the root system, soil/root exchange surfaces and absorption capacities.
From an environmental standpoint, HUMIC FULVIC INTEGRAL reduces fertilizer inputs and provides a concrete response to problems linked to nitrate leaching and watershed management. In economic terms, Humic Fulvic Booster®optimizes the Coefficient of Real Use of nutrients and increases the soil's water retention capacity, which has a clear impact on the cost of fertilization and irrigation.

The approval ofHumic Fulvic Booster underAMM N°1030005 (TRADECORP) by the French Ministry of Agriculture officially validates the conclusions of studies and trials carried out on this product for over 10 years:
- on the soil: improved cation exchange capacity, increased soil aeration and thus root penetration.
- on plants: Humic Fulvic Booster promotes root growth and development, in particular root hairs, which are responsible for assimilating nutrients and water, and increases resistance to stress (drought, salinity, cold, etc.).

Dangerous. Observe safety precautions.
DANGER. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.


Name Humic Fulvic Booster - 500ml - Growth and flowering booster Platinium Nutrients
Brand Platinium Nutrients
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Recommended use Growth stimulator, Flowering stimulator
Application Coco, Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth
Country of manufacture PORTUGAL
Tri des déchets


FDS - Humic Fulvic Download - (669.55KB)