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Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters

Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters

The plant revolution is happening now! Boost your production with a product that can be used in organic farming.

(€34.36 L)
Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
(€34.36 L)
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Product details

Phase 4 of Vaalserberg Garden

The best flowering stimulant on earth, suitable for organic farming. Phase 4 respects and boosts your plants in a phenomenal way, it is rich in phytohormones, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. It contains a high content of elicitors and phytohormones that stimulate the plant's metabolism. Phase 4 is compatible with any fertilization program.

Observed results

Better budding.
Increased harvest.
Reduced dosage.
Reduced cost.
Better tasting fruits and vegetables.
Regular pruning of fruits and flowers.
More beautiful flowers, less leaf loss.
Higher yields of up to 50 to 120%.
Healthy plants that develop harmoniously.
Rich and excellent quality harvest.
Increases nutrient uptake in the soil.
Stronger roots, wider and more extensive roots.
Much more beautiful, healthy and robust flowers.
Significant and permanent effects.
Reduces the amount of water used.
Reduces the use of pesticides.
Increases plant resistance to heat and drought.
Naturally protects plants from the effects of stress.
Allows a better absorption and blocking of microelements.
Increases the bacteriological activity of the soil.
Increases the production of chlorophyll.
Increased sugar production in the fruit or plant.
Significant increase in yield.
Facilitates the assimilation of minerals.
Direct participation in plant nutrition.
Stimulation of plant growth.
Dynamic action of amino acids

Phase 4 the ideal booster!

Dosage: 1 Litre of Phase 4 diluted in 1000 liters of water is sufficient for 1 hectare.

Conservation: The shelf life is three years after the date of purchase and in adequate storage conditions.

Storage Conditions: Store away from cold and humidity, sunlight or direct heat sources.

Safety : There are no special safety measures. Phase 4 can be used even during the harvest period. No rinsing

Certified Organic Agriculture. For all types of growing media, hydro soil


Name Flowering Booster Phase 4 - 10 liters
Brand Vaalserberg Garden
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Recommended use Flowering stimulator
Application Earth
Packaging 10 L
Country of manufacture FRANCE
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