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PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - Biotabs
PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - Biotabs

PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - Biotabs

Biotabs offers you a real concentrate of soil and compost with PK Booster Compost Tee!

(€19.20 L)
PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - Biotabs
(€19.20 L)
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Product details

All the products in the Biotabs range are 100% natural and environmentally friendly, unlike what is found in the industry.
There is no more powerful than nature itself, so why not use it to do the job for you?

PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - by Biotabs

This new product by Biotabs will directly affect plant health and yield.
It contains a highly concentrated blend of plant compost (wine production residues), composted droppings, bat guano, and seaweed meal, naturally rich in microorganisms and releasing P and K.

PK Booster Compost Tee contains a blend of highly concentrated compost, bat guano, kelp, P and K.
These bacteria give your plants a big dose of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), for a real PK boost!

A rich soil life is of great importance for organic plant cultivation. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms break down organic matter and turn it into plant nutrients.
The greater and more diverse the range of bacteria and fungi in the soil, the more plants will grow. This has a direct impact on plant health and yield. Rich soil life, in addition, provides more food for plants. Rich soil life also produces antibiotics and vitamins to the plant.

What is compost tea?

Compost tea is a liquid rich in organic matter that comes from composting.
It can be used to water your outdoor and indoor plants.
If the water is aerated, you get oxygenated compost tea. Oxygen promotes the growth of microorganisms and results in a richer, more effective, odorless tea.

Organic fertilizer NPK 2-5-2

Composition :

Nitrogen (N) total: 2.2% of which 1.8% organic nitrogen from plant compost, composted droppings
, bat guano, and seaweed meal
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) total: 4.9%
Potassium oxide (K2O) total: 2.2


Caution: Properly prepared, PK Booster Compost Tee only has a shelf life of a few hours: up to four hours maximum.

Use only with good quality, chlorine-free water at room temperature.

Dilute 15 grams of PK Booster Compost Tee to 1 liter of water.
Biotabs also advises you to add 5ml ofOrgatrex(available here) in order to provoke an explosive multiplication of the micro-organisms.

Then let the solution bubble for 24 to 36 hours in a bucket with a pump to aerate the solution.

4 hours after aeration, pour PK Booster Compost Tee on the soil. Try to keep the compost tea moving while pouring.
Use one pint of PK Booster Compost Tee per plant.


Can be used in indoor and outdoor cultivation.

To be used at least three times during a crop cycle: in the 3rd, 4th and 5th week of flowering.

To be poured on the soil or sprayed on the leaves. PK Booster Compost Tee will form a protective layer on the leaves.
To avoid damage if you spray on the leaves, be careful to follow our advice:

Before putting PK Booster Compost Tee in a sprayer, filter it or the sprayer will be clogged.
Spray the top and bottom of the leaves. Preferably do it just before the lights go out or the sun goes down.


Name PK Booster Compost Tee 2Kg - Biotabs
Brand Bio tabs
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Recommended use Flowering stimulator
Application Earth
Country of manufacture NETHERLANDS
Tri des déchets