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Fertilizer - Regulator Fertilizer 5l - Aptus
Fertilizer - Regulator Fertilizer 5l - Aptus

Fertilizer - Regulator Fertilizer 5l - Aptus

Aptus Crop Fertilizer helps your plants perform better.

(€175.84 L)
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Fertilizer - Regulator Fertilizer 5l - Aptus
(€175.84 L)
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Product details

Aptus fertilizer increases the dry matter content and regulates the assimilation of nutrients, which optimizes the yield of your plants.

Aptus will help, by strengthening the structure of the plant, to fight against stress caused by insects or fungal attacks but also extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall.

The resistance to salinity will also be improved by Aptus Regulator.

In hot weather, the plant remains green at ambient temperatures of up to 40°. Transpiration is then reduced by up to 30%.

You will also be able to reduce watering because the plant's ability to manage its water needs will be improved. You will also observe a reduction in internodal distances and a strengthening of the leaves.

Several effects allow your plant to continue its growth, even in a state of stress and to guarantee exceptional yields and quality harvests.

Indeed, the natural capacities of the plant to fight against parasites and diseases will be increased thanks to Aptus fertilizer. A weakened plant will be more vulnerable to parasitic and pathogenic attacks than a healthy plant.

Aptus is an effective protection, the mineral assimilation is optimized, the cell structure is strengthened and the epidermal layer is thicker.

Advantages of Raptus Regulator :

- it strengthens and protects the plant against stress
- it protects the plant against extreme temperatures
- it prevents problems related to pests and diseases
- it improves the assimilation of nutrients
- it increases the dry matter content
- it reduces the internodal distances so the plant becomes denser
- greener and more resistant foliage
- the stems gain in thickness

Uses and dosages:

- Aptus Regulator is a highly concentrated product, a light dosage is enough (15ml per 100 liters of water) to obtain assured effects.
- This product is economical thanks to its high concentration.
- It is advisable to dilute Aptus Regulator in a tank filled with clear water, before mixing it with other fertilizers (gas pedal or plant care products).
- Shake the mixture well until the Aptus fertilizer is diluted with water.
- Then add the other fertilizers
- Be careful not to introduce soil or water particles into the Regulator bottle.
- Always use clean, dry syringes or measuring cups to measure the product.

Composition :

Aptus Regulator is primarily composed of silica and is also composed of a mixture of bioavailable trace elements. This fertilizer contains a protected formula containing salicylic acid, the bioavailable form of silica (Si). It is thanks to these components that the cell structure and the epidermal layer of the plant are strengthened.

Characteristics of the product :

- Aptus Regulator
- 5 liters
- Fertilizer / crop fertilizer


Name Fertilizer - Regulator Fertilizer 5l - Aptus
Brand Aptus
Type of fertilizer Mineral
Recommended use Growth and flowering stimulator
Application Coco, Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth
Country of manufacture HOLLANDE
Tri des déchets


FDS - Aptus Regulator Download - (309.6KB)