With Growshops vouchers it's easy to save money!

How do I get a voucher?

To find out if you are eligible for Growshops.co.uk vouchers, simply check the product details of your item to see if the product is eligible!

How loyalty points work:
10€ = 1 loyalty point
1 loyalty point = 0.20 cents
Available for 1 year


When you place an order, you can also see in your cart, how many loyalty points you can acquire by looking at the section "Loyalty Discount" :

The display of the voucher in your customer area

To benefit from the vouchers, you just have to buy products on Growshops.com!
You accumulate the vouchers and you can visualize them in your customer area by clicking on the tab"My vouchers" in"My Account"


Voucher deduction

The vouchers are available after delivery of your last order.
The amount of the vouchers will be deducted from your next order.
They are valid for 365 days